Minimalist design LED lamp with a warm touch.
Whether you need to light up your desk, dining table, corridor, wonderful painting or even your smallest room,
GlowOn offers, for all these, an illuminating solution.


Both Hilda and Jean are using LED light sources, to illumnate your home in an nature friendly way.
With the LED lighting base everything is possible,
from a comforting ambient light to a bright reading and working light to even a colored light.


The lamps are designed for our own home but have found there way to other homes because of their simple elegant design.
Our Jean can be used as a pendant or ceiling lamp.
A variety of end blocks are available, for example paintable end blocks so you can personalize your lamp completely.
Our Hilda is an other kind, always the same but never boring.
Posh brass with dark black base creates a warm light.


For each space we have a model/size that fits.

In stock:
Jean ceiling mounted 1000mm
To check the Jean ceiling mounted manual click here
Jean pendant 1000mm
To check the Jean pendant manual click here
Hilda spot at
To check the Hilda spot manual click here

Stock, the lamps come with a warm white LED light, ready to use.

Custom length lamps on request available!

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Glowon is created by Cédric Van Deuren, a young motivated engineer.
That couldn't find the lamps that suited all his desires so he created them.
Since it is not easy to decorate your home nicely when on a budget,
the goal was to produce customizable lamps at fair prices.
Fair price, but with a critical eye for detail and use of the most recent techniques.


Part of CVD Projects BVBA

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